Recognize Bad Signs of Your Car Battery Charge is dead?

Car battery charger is not big like other parts of your vehicle, but it has an important role to make your car smoothly run on the road. A battery charger is like human’s heart, so if you do not have a heart, you cannot live as it pumps blood to raise your body.

Similarly, a car battery charger provides power to make the engine system works. You may not know how a car run (you just drive it!), but you should identify when the car battery charger is almost dead to find the best car battery charger later and replace it. Here is how!

An engine cannot smoothly start (you likely hear some small broken sounds)

If your motor turns over when you put the key inside but it will not begin, most situations come from your battery.

It has several reasons such as your starter or other issues; most of the time (more than 90%) is the vehicle battery charger.

Even you get a perfect ammeter to make the battery is better, it could still have some volts are not fine to make your car totally runs. When you find a car that will not be hard to start, you could take jumper cables or a jump-starter box.

When your car is working again, you should turn off the cable. Then, you make your car run the engine again within 30 minutes in order to change your battery once again. After 30 minutes and stopping drive the car, you should do a basic test. When you close your engine, wait 2 minutes to start it again. Repeat it one or two times to ensure that you will not get stuff in any public areas.

Your car headlights are faint

You will recognize this sign when you drive at night on a regular basis. If your light is not dim enough, this will be the time of checking the battery and replacing. When you are braking, your car headlights could dimer. Do not suppose that your battery gets something wrong. Check the quality when you are straightly driving.

You may hear a clicking sound when you put the key to the center

Clicking sound comes from when you turn the key to the center is a classic moment that many of us often have. And we always do not pay attention to this small clue as we are so busy to immediately drive.

However, it is an obvious sign that your car battery is nearly dead or completely lost. You enable to repeat this task hundreds of times, but it will be the same happening. At the same time, you can hear a clicking noise to show a bad sign on your car battery charger.

An engine cannot stably start day-by-day

Oh, do not surprise that today you can start the vehicle engine, but yesterday you could not. This is a bad sign that your car battery charger probably dead in a few days.

If this condition occurs all the time, then you will have 2 bad situations – your battery charger is dead or a parasitic draw likely happens. What should you do?

Check your battery cables in advance as this is easier to undertake right away. Make sure all cables fully fit and stay secure on the battery posts. The quality of cables should be stable without falling apart. If not, go ahead to replace new ones at the same time.

Your car does not have any starting signs (no lights, no crank, and no start)

This sign is easy to diagnose as there is something wrong with the motor or the battery charger. You should check the condition of the battery first. If it is still good, the problem will come to the starter or any mechanical problem in the engine. So, you need to make an appointment to the car garage and get a full test.

How long should you do a battery charger?

After recognizing the battery dead, you will need to know how to make a battery charger. There are a few simple steps for everyone to follow (even if they do not have any specific skills) and you can do that, too!

  1.    Start the engine first.
  2.    Wait a few minutes only. After starting the engine, you should let the car run for a minute to take the jump to work.
  3.    Attempt to begin the dead car. If your car even cannot start, you should allow the working car to take the battery charger in some minutes before trying again. In some situations, revving of the engine from the working car can help the dead battery while charging.
  4.    When the car is running, you should disconnect the jumper cables, and starting with the negative cable braces. These should be touched each other when other parts of the cable is still enclosed to a car.
  5.    This is the time to test the car on the road. This will let the battery gets a full charge and your car cannot instantly die when you turn your car off.

To realize some signs of a dead battery charger, you do not worry about the stuff in the station or even in a deep forest. This is a big nightmare for everyone!

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