About Project

The Seattle WTO People’s History Project

The story of resistance to the WTO in Seattle in ’99 is one of how people power can change the world. It’s a dangerous example for the elites and a powerful one for people. That’s why for eight years, the corporate media, governments, and their police have waged a dis-information campaign about Seattle ’99.

In fall ’08, a major motion picture, “Battle in Seattle,” will be seen across North America. It’s a huge improvement over corporate media lies, but won’t tell the motives or thinking of the people who shutdown the WTO. Only we can do that.

Stories are how we understand the world and thus shape the future- and the story of Seattle ’99 shapes what people think of protest, corporate globalization and repression. It’s time that we in the social movements tell our own stories, reclaim our own histories, and publicly fight damaging myths past and present. This website is doing just that!